Challenging the regressive narrative


Last updated: September 07, 2016

Regressive News ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website (the "Service").

Aggregated Content

This Service is a news aggregation website. Select stories from around the web are indexed and linked to their original sources (‘Aggregated Content’).

  • Externally Linked Content

    Strictly limited excerpts promote original full articles which are accessible via the external links provided. Credit and copyright is attributed to each original source.

  • Embedded Content

    When available embedding is used to promote stories. This is commonly used for video and audio streams. Credit and copyright is attributed to each original source.

Original Content

This consists of all non-aggregated material on the Service and is copyright protected by Us (‘Original Content’). Original Content includes, but is not limited to: informational content; images; charts; graphs; graphics; designs; photographs; audio and video clips; software and HTML code. Original Content are the property of the Service, and may not be copied, stored, or disseminated in any other form without prior written permission from the Service.